Documentation Services

Management System Documentation Packages

Our documentation services include Gap Analysis of existing documentation, documentation creation with assistance and guidance in creating documentation from scratch if needed. We also offer complete documentation packages available for purchase for some standards to save you time and money. We’ll provide you with proven and well thought out documentation for any combination of management systems at a fraction of the cost of creating from scratch.

Why spend the countless hours and money developing management system documentation when the documents have already been created for you? Whether you are just starting up your management system or you are looking to transition to a new version to standard, we have the documentation package for you. Instructions will also be provided to you to ensure that your documentation is effectively implemented at all levels of your organization.

Our documentation packages include individual standard packages and an integrated documentation package with any combination of the following standards:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001



Option 1

Purchase a documentation package (a set of templates) and have your organization complete and implement the management system(s) internally.

Option 2

Purchase a documentation package (a set of templates) and work with Glacier Consulting to complete and implement your management system(s).

Option 3

Glacier Consulting will work with your organization to develop new documentation and will follow through to ensure that your unique management system is effectively implemented.

Documentation packages generally include the following:

  • Manual – Management System(s) Specific
  • Procedures
    • Objectives , Targets and Programs
    • Identification of Aspects and/or hazards
    • Legal and Other Requirements
    • Training
    • Communication
    • Operational Controls
    • Documentation and Records Control
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Monitoring and Measurement
    • Compliance Evaluations
    • Nonconformances and Corrective and Preventive Action
    • Internal Audit
    • Management Review
    • Etc…
  • Forms
    • Master Document List
    • Objectives, Targets and Programs
    • Aspects and/or Hazards Matrix
    • Legal and Other Requirements Matrix
    • Training Matrix
    • Compliance Evaluation Report
    • Corrective / Preventive Action Report
    • Corrective / Preventive Action Log
    • Internal Audit Report
    • Management Review Meeting Report
    • Other Documentation Services as Discussed