Glacier Consulting has put together a maintenance package for your management system, giving you peace of mind. With our maintenance package, we maintain your management system, keeping you certified.

With our system, we not only automate your management system by tracking and monitoring everything for you, but we also review your information to ensure it is in conformance with all of your Standards. By using our program, you can stop using expensive consultants and being stressed prior to every audit, since we manage everything for you.

Our R2 Maintenance Package includes the following:

Full access to all of Glacier's management system documentsOngoing
Tracking due dates for all management system requirementsOngoing
Ensuring completion of all requirementsOngoing
Reviewing Risk AssessmentsAs Needed
Tracking Objectives and Targets Monthly / Quarterly
Keeping compliance obligations up to dateOngoing
Conducting due diligence for Downstream VendorsAnnually – Up to 5 DSVs
Conducting the compliance evaluation and Internal Audit 2.0 days on-site per year
Provide assistance with corrective actionsOngoing
Conduct online awareness training for new staff and refresher training As Needed
See document attached for a complete list

* Pricing is for one location. Additional facilities may be added at a discounted rate. Pricing excludes travel fees associated with the compliance evaluation and internal audit.

Cost: $1,000 per month or $10,000 paid annually
We've been in the industry for years and can help make sure your management system is effective. We also have the tools to automate much of your system, saving you time and money

Maintenance TasksStandard
ISO 9001ISO 14001OHSAS 18001R2RIOS
Full access to all of Glacier's management system documents (e.g. procedures and forms)XXXXX
Tracking and providing alerts for due dates of all required action itemsXXXXX
Review of risk assessmentsXXXXX
Update of risks and opportunitiesXXXXX
Update of aspects and hazards, verification of proper controlsXXXX
review and update of legal and other requirementsXXXX
Monitoring updates for legal and other requirementsXXXX
Conducting Compliance EvaluationXXXX
Review management of changeXXXX
Verify adequacy of objectivesXXXXX
Track and verify effectiveness of objectivesXXXXX
Track employees and training needsXXXXX
Verify competence criteria is established and appropriateXXXXX
Provide Awareness training materialsXXXXX
Provide monthly EHS training topics for monthly EHS meetingsXXXXX
Identify equipment for calibrationXXXXX
Track calibration due datesXXXXX
Track required periodic inspections (Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)XXXXX
Review nonconforming product status to ensure material is handled appropriately and in a timely manner.XX
Track external communications and monitor effective follow-upXXXX
Responsible for control of documents and uploading them to systemXXXXX
Responsible for storage and preservation of recordsXXXXX
Recording of Customer Satisfaction complaintsXXX
Conducting of Internal Audits at half off manday ratesXXXXX
Provide input and record, track and review of corrective actionsXXXXX
Provide Management Review Agenda, including objective evidence for all required inputsXXXXX
Participate in review if requested / recording of meeting minutesXXXXX
Assist in identifying opportunities for improvementXXXXX
Management of DSV due diligenceX
Assist in updating of Closure PlanX
Conduct EHS Risk Assessment to determine proper EHS liability coverageX
Review and update, as necessary, transporter documentationX