The Key to Process Changes

In an ecosystem everything is interdependent. If any one variable changes; the entire system is affected. Think of businesses as little independent ecosystems. However, instead of microorganisms and a food-chain, it is composed of operational systems and processes. Making process changes can completely alter the structure and workflow of your organization. Therefore, when undertaking a…

Quality 4.0

Everything To Know: Quality 4.0

In life, in society, and in our minds there are two perspectives with which we can approach a subject. The first, objectively, is to remove our individual preferences, experiences, and connotations from the equation. This strips away any auxiliary information, other than the cold hard facts. The second approach we can take is with a…

Data Destruction

Data Destruction Strategy

Data is one of the most powerful and valuable commodities to currently exist. From our personal identification information, to our bank account numbers and routing numbers, our cyber-footprint and identity are nearly priceless. Hence, why incorporating a data destruction strategy into your business is so crucial to having a secure and trustworthy business.  The act…

Implementing Documentation

Implementing Documentation

Some of the processes and procedures that businesses require for brevity’s sake can tend to be a little bit tedious. However, their value is undeniable and completely necessary. Ensuring the proper documentation through every level of the organization is one of those tasks. While enhancing the documentation process may not be the most exciting aspect…

management review

Management Review Agendas

Reviews are a necessary process for organizations of any size, stature, or industry. While sometimes reviews can seem pesky, or unnecessary, there are simply too many benefits to conducting regular reviews to ignore them as a valuable tool. However, in that same vein, as a tool – conducting a management review, or any review, should…

Ongoing Maintenance Management

Why Maintenance is Important

The world is full of risks. Each day any single individual will encounter a truly countless amount of risk. However, with every risk, there is also the chance for reward. Being aware of these risks that riddle our everyday lives allows us to manage them, and maintain a relatively stable life. This is the same…

Navigating Social Responsibility & ISO 26000

ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

Purpose is one of the most important aspects of business in today’s marketplace. Between the increase in awareness of global issues, more information availability, and all of the most recent chaos caused by COVID-19 and the social dissonance, businesses with a purpose have found a little pocket niche that has benefited them greatly. Many times,…

ISO certifications

Don’t Fear ISO Certifications

Irrational fears are fears of things that are unlikely to cause harm. Businesses that fear ISO certifications experience irrational fears on a daily basis. However, from a high-level-perspective, it’s understandable why some would feel this way toward ISO certification.  For those who are new to owning a business, or aren’t well-versed in ISO standards and…

Compliance Evaluation

Compliance Check: Preparation

When you hear the word ‘compliance,’ you should immediately think ‘compliance evaluations.’ They are, arguably, the most important part of compliance – that’s why when it is time for your company to go through one, it’s good to have a sense of what to expect. Grasping the compliance evaluation process and what it means for…

virtual audits

Audits: The Virtual Process

With the global pandemic continuing to dictate the way society operates, not a single marketplace, town, or person has been totally unaffected. COVID-19 has drastically changed the world and rapidly brought society into a new normal. A new normal that includes social distancing, wearing masks in public, and a massive shift in the workplace to…